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Set the Controls for the Heart of Sharon Tate


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Gary Lippman – Set The Controls for the the Heart of Sharon Tate recounts the comic, wistful and perverse struggles of a prominent “Sharonophile”—that is, an obsessive lifelong devotee of the 1960s movie starlet (and Charles Manson murder victim) Sharon Tate.

Weeks before his fortieth birthday, Lunt Moreland checks in at Hollywood’s legendary Hotel Ofotert (think Chateau Marmont) for the upcoming “Sharonfest,” a gathering of his fellow “philes.”  Unfortunately, Lunt’s flamboyant rival in the Sharon Tate-loving community has arrived at the hotel, too, and he’s intent on derailing a book that Lunt has been writing about Tate.  (Excerpts from this “posthumous memoir” run throughout the text, evoking poignant true scenes from the actress’ short life.)

Is Lunt’s rival responsible for the ominous packages that Lunt keeps receiving at the hotel?

Or is the sender the beautiful young Charles Manson-enthusiast whom Lunt encounters?

Can Lunt defeat his rival, survive the Mansonophile, and navigate other obstacles posed by lesbian bikers, cough syrup-prompted nightmares, a bigamous rock star who worships lightning, Angel Dust-laced cigarettes, an elderly Filipina with a neurological disorder, vintage autopsy photos, a girl with green hair, plus adult diapers, strange psychotherapists, and Tarot-inspired tattoos?

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